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Invite Flow Circus to your next meeting, conference, or special event and bring out the best in everyone. World class juggler Paul Miller and award winning educator Dawn Daria create space for groups to shift perspective, practice active mindfulness, and strengthen connections in order to positively affect outcomes and well-being. Visit FlowCircus.com to learn more and see videos of the following services in action:

Half Day Workshops: Unlike anything you’ve done before. We gently nudge participants outside their comfort zone to experience something new. Our sessions address your programming goals while making the session fun and accessible for all.

Dawn and Paul - Flow Circus“Dawn and Paul from Flow Circus clearly have a passion for what they do that shines through in how they lead their sessions. They have a way of taking complex challenges that can present themselves in the workplace and breaking them down into simple, clear lessons that invite people to think differently about how they show up in work and life – all while having fun!” Noelle Ybarra, Wellness Specialist, RTI International

Interactive Keynotes: Our two person keynotes are the perfect combination of content , entertainment, and hands-on engagement. Adaptable to all audience sizes and set-ups. Perfect to kick off, wake up, or wrap up your event.

“Paul and Dawn were able to personalize their Flop Ball presentation to the specific themes we wanted to introduce our group to andCustom Flop Balls the Flop balls themselves were a fun and versatile “prop” to drive the presentation home. Our group really loved having the balls to take home and play with!” Caroline Hamilton, Communications Coordinator, Comporium, Inc.

Energizers: Fill in the gaps with the deliberate goal of leaving your audience refreshed, recharged, and open to learning. Five minutes on stage between presentations to get people moving or in the hallways where real connections are made, we have what it takes to get people thinking, talking, and tweeting.

“The Flow Circus team are extraordinary performers who know how to engage an audience and create valuable learning experiences. Outstanding.” Nido Qubein, President, High Point University

Lasting Impact: We use a variety of different skill toys in our programs and the Flop Ball is by far our favorite. A 3” flat bean bag filled with sand provides a soothing tactile prop that can be used for simple actions to instill mindfulness and more advanced skills that require focus. Flop Balls can be customized for your event or branded with your company logo. Attendees walk away with a tangible reminder of a fun, impactful experience connected to your company.

“Finding activities that are inclusive of all team members is a constant challenge that is easily met by Flop Balls. Spontaneous interactions, sparked by flop balls, have kindled casual relationships between coworkers, expanding the size of workplace social networks.” Aaron Charlwood, Director of Network Standards, Akami Technologies, Inc

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