Think of Racery as Virtual Step Challenge 2.0.

Based on four years of optimization and customer feedback, Racery’s platform for virtual challenges makes fitness fun for everyone.

We specialize in virtual challenges, from race creation and hosting to private labelling to success consulting to design work.

Whether for a few weeks or a whole year, each Racery virtual challenge deploys a variety of motivational tools and rewards — leaderboards, real-time activity feeds, email nudges, Google Street Views, teams, digital bibs and awards. Each race is tailored to fit the sponsor company’s unique culture and needs. Races can include fundraising too.

Each race can be based on a specific activity like running or swimming, or tied to a selection of activities like dancing, boxing and wheelchairing.

To keep the good habit going after the official virtual race ends, all participants have an option of continuing on a personal trek from Disney to Denali.

Racery isn’t just for the fitness elite. We specialize in serving non-athletes, people who fear ridicule, people who can’t find peers to exercise with. We built Racery to help the people who need motivation the most.

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