The idea of Health Promotion Advocates was conceived by Michael O’Donnell and James F. Fries in 2000, and incorporated as a 501-c-4 nonprofit corporation in 2004. Leadership and governance has been provided by several dozen professionals from scientific, clinical, commercial, and legal spheres who served as members of its Board of Directors and Advisory Boards. Members are listed below.

Board of Directors

Members at the time of dissolution

John Harris, MEd, Board Chair, 2014-2020

Vin DeProssino, Finance Committee Chair, 2004-2020

Philip HaberstroStrategic Partnership Development, 2018-2020

Michael Motta, MS Outreach & Education Committee Chair, 2018 -2020

Michael P. O’Donnell, PhD, MBA, MPH, Board Chair, 2004-2009

Members in earlier years   

Donna Allen, MSeD, PhD

Donald E. Barr, PhD

Lawrence Green, DrPh

James F. Fries, MD

John T. Kelly, MD, PhD, Board chair 2010

Jerry Noyce

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD

Chuck Reynolds

Mari Ryan, MBA, MHP

Bruce Sherman, MS, MD

Anna Silberman

Leslie Spenser, PhD, Board chair 2011

Derek Yach, MPH, MBChB

Barbara Zabawa, MPH, JD


Advisory Board

Lester Breslow, MD

Bill Foege, MD

James F. Fries, MD

Martha Hill, PhD, RN

Dean Ornish, M.D.

Gilbert Omenn, MD, PhD

Michael Roizen, MD