WikiWIT, the Wiki Wellness Incentive Toolkit

Welcome to WikiWIT, the Wiki Wellness Incentive Toolkit.

WikiWIT was developed to help employers refine policies to guide their wellness incentive programs. We believe this is important because the vast majority of large employers are implementing wellness incentives in conjunction with their wellness programs in response to the Affordable Care Act, but without a strong scientific foundation to guide them.

We are rolling out WikiWIT in stages. The first stage will focus on concepts and the second stage will focus on research findings. This first stage has three primary elements: 1) A white paper describing the core toolkit, 2) A working version of the Wellness Incentive Calculator, and 3) A Discussion Forum for sharing ideas. See details on each below. The second stage will focus on research findings compiled by collaborators and conducted by us. These findings will be used to refine the calculator and develop additional tools for the toolkit.

White Paper

The core concepts of WikiWIT and the tools in the ToolKit are described in a White Paper titled “WikiWIT, A ToolKit to Help Employers Set the Amounts of Wellness Incentives, Cut Points and Funding Strategies. Part I: Concepts.”

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The white paper helps employers make decisions in three areas:

1) The amount of the wellness incentives offered in conjunction with their employee wellness programs
2) The health standard cut point to earn the incentive
3) The extent to which the cost of the incentive and the wellness program might be paid by the employer or employee or shared among both of them

Wellness Incentive Calculator

An important part of the Toolkit is the Wellness Incentive Calculator, a set of seven equations to help employers determine the amount of their incentives for a variety of situations.

Use the calculator

The Forum to Support Collaboration

One of the underlying principles of WikiWIT is that it will be a collaborative project among employers, scientists, vendors and other interested parties. That is why the name starts with “Wiki.” Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning quick. It has entered mainstream culture through the pioneering efforts of Wikipedia, which set the audacious goal of working to “compile the sum of all human knowledge” through a collaborative effort in which users supply the content. We hope to capture that spirit within the health promotion community to make WikiWIT as useful as it can be.

We will provide the initial conceptual framework, build a forum to capture ideas, conduct research to test concepts and assumptions, refine WikiWIT based on these learnings, and write white papers and peer-reviewed manuscripts to share those learnings.

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We look forward to working with you to refine WikiWIT!

Michael P. O’Donnell, MBA, MPH, PhD,
CEO, Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute