In support of our Sharing Philosophy, we ask that those choosing the PDF for free or the Kindle version of books, Pay It Forward by helping someone else with an unexpected kindness. Thank you for sharing your plans with us.

Teaching Tool

I plan to use this in my teaching (Health Policy, Health Behavior, and Epidemiology) as well as to inform my research in chronic disease prevention. I teach at a state university where many students have a very difficult time affording books and course materials. Thank you so much for making this accessible to me and my students.

Semra Aytur – Department of Health Management and Policy | University of New Hampshire

Graduation Celebration

Thanks so much! I plan to take recent graduating students out for a celebration dinner.

Lisa Harlow – University of Rhode Island | Exeter, RI

Sharing with Young Professionals

I plan to share with students and young professionals that I mentor, and to share whenever I am presenting on the topic of measurement.

Jessica Grossmeier – HERO | Waconia, MN

Sharing with Health Team

Desejo compartilhar esses conhecimentos com a equipe de saúde da companhia que eu trabalho. Disciminando o conhecimento e o comportamento saudável.
English Translation:
I wish to share this knowledge with the health team of the company I work for. Disseminating knowledge and healthy behavior.

Katia Ferreira – Cia Hering Blumenau | Santa Catarina, Brazil

Helping A Friend

I plan to give my sons out-grown clothes to a family of a co-worker that can use all the help they can get.

Abby Lepak

Puerto Rico

I will pay it forward to Puerto Rico, am donating cans of Ensure.

Marlene Rodriguez

Essential Oils

When money allows, I plan to purchase/make some wellness products using essential oils and share them with people that may benefit. This could include aromatherapy for stress relief, essential oils for headaches or immune support, etc.

Crystal Adams – University of Louisville | Louisville, KY


Volunteer at a nursing home

Wendy McLaughlin


Send Thinking of you Cards to Veterans home

Danielle Gabbin – Elmcor Senior Citizens Center | East Elmhurst , NY

Pro bono Consulting

I will use the information that I learn from the book in my pro bono consulting.

Joyce Morris – Retired | Oklahoma, OK

Helping a Family

Helping a family I know that is in crisis by assisting with bills.

Kelly Penrose – Blue Cross of MN | Bloomington, MN

Donation for Kids

Today I will be dropping off 23 pairs of gently used children’s shoes and snow boots to a local organization for kids in need.

Katie Sarver – La Porte Hospital | La Porte, IN

Pay for Coffee

Pay for someone’s coffee behind me at Starbucks.

Tanya Dillard – The Vitality Group | Centennial, CO

Note of Encouragement

What a wonderful idea! I’m going to send a handwritten note of encouragement to someone that needs it.

Betsey Banker – Ergotron Phoenix | Phoenix, AZ

Help for a Friend

Bring a meal to a struggling friend.

Chris Blanke – Four Corners Health Department | York, NE

Library Donation

Donated some of my books to my local library – they resell them to help fund the library and outreach literacy efforts.

Leigh Manning – SAIF Corporation | Eugene, OR

Free Accupuncture

Free acupuncture session for employee today at our oncology center

Sarah Collins – Mount Auburn Hospital | Cambridge, MA

Basement Cleaning

I will make a surprise visit to my parents’ house and clean their basement, which is something that they have been planning to do (and avoiding) for months! 🙂

Crystal Adams – University of Louisville | Louisville, KY


I will provide pro bono trauma coaching evaluation and initial coaching session to a trauma/PTSD survivor.

Mona Cattan – Crossroads and Connections | Cumming, GA

Wellness Conference

I am paying for a friend to attend the National Wellness Conference.

Joel Bennett – OWLS | Fort Worth, TX

Wellness Coaching Classes

As a certified Wellness Coach, I am planning to offer some free wellness coaching sessions to students and staff at my University, starting in September.

Leslie Spencer – Rowan University | Morrisville, PA

CDC Resource Center

Make it available as a resource on the CDC Workplace Health Resource Center.

Ron Goetzel – IBM Watson Health/Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health | Bethesda. MD

Book Club

I will treat my students to coffee over our book club discussion of this work.

Alicia Landry – UCA | Conway, AR


Taking 6 people out to dinner in July.

Miryam Yusufov – McLean Hospital | Belmont , MA

Red Nose Day

We are supporting “Red Nose Day” as an organization. Purchased red noses for all and took a team photo!

Mark Correia – Preventure | Coventry, RI

Sharing with Consultants

I plan to let my team of population health management consultants know about this book and in turn let their employer clients know about it.

Seth Serxner – Optum | Eden Prairie, MN

Pro-bono Work in Ghana

I intend to help Drs. Asare and Dordoye and Mr. Logosu Amagashie develop and evaluate EAPs and workplace wellness programs pro-bono in Accra Ghana for the next several years.

Shawn Reynolds – OWLS | Vienna

Sharing with Partners

Share what I learn with partners I have in the public school arena.

Allen Kline – Kohls | Menomonee Falls, WI


I will take my father to a baseball game!

Adam Becker – Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children | Chicago, IL

New Health Sciences College

Can share with my graduate classes, department listserv, and our new college of Health Sciences.

Joseph S. Rossi – University of Rhode Island | Kingston, RI


The next time I go to our hospital cafeteria I will pay for the person who is in line behind me.

Karyn Cole – Sarah Bush Lincoln | Mattoon, IL

Dog Medical Bill

I plan to assist a young adult with an unexpected dog medical bill.

Melissa Goodman – USDA ARS | Stoneville, MS

Sharing with Members

We have over 100 members who are dedicated to worksite wellness which I would like to share the Book. Thank you!!!!

Theresa Nelson – WELLCOM | Omaha, NE

Sharing with Students

I will share with colleagues and students.

Steven N. Blair – Univ of Sourth Carolina | Columbia, SC

Share with Student

Share with graduate student

Paul Florin – University of Rhode Island | Providence RI

Cleaning Up

Picking up trash in the neighborhood.

Jill Hamilton – Hennepin County | Minneapolis, MN

Health Services Manoa

I intend to share this book with the Health Services Manoa of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Hye-ryeon Lee – University of Hawaii at Manoa | Honolulu, HI

New Baby!

I’m planning to drop a dinner for a friend who just had a new baby.

Lindsay Della – University of Louisville | Louisville, KY

Sharing Journal Articles

Continue to share my author copies of journal papers with other researchers.

Jessica Thomson – USDA ARS | Opelousas, LA

Sharing Information

Will share information with others.

Lou Turchetta – University of Rhode Island | Kingston, RI

Sharing with Friends

I hope to share this wonderful material with many friends and collegues :0)

Ana Lúcia Rodrigues Maretti – Conceito A – Educação em Saúde | São Paulo, Brazil

Community Health Improvement

Continue to pursue ways to connect HERO members with community health improvement initiatives including advocacy for corporate CSR, volunteerism and sustainability policies.

Paul Terry – Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) | Waconia, MN

Sharing with Doctoral Students

I will share this with doctoral students and faculty who may benefit from it.

Colleen A. Redding – University of Rhode Island, Wakefield, RI

Sharing with Clients

Plan to make it available to several health and wellness clients.

Richad Citrin – Citrin Consulting | Pittsburgh, PA

Helping a Local Non-Profit

I plan to use the knowledge I learn from this book to help a local non-profit with upgrading their OH&S systems on a volunteer basis.

Andrew Lockhart – Humber College | Toronto Ontario

Support a Healthier Environment

This is a great idea. My pay it forward will be to review the book and identify one to two actions to enact in my work place to support a healthier environment.

Susan Breitenstein – Rush University College of Nursing | Chicago, IL

Encouraging Others

Share via email, encourage others to buy the book, and buy and encourage e-book.

Melinda Todd – Unity Health Services, Inc. | Jackson, MS

Uber Ride!

I will pay for the uber ride of the colleague I travel to the airport with.

Christine Vandenhouten – University of WI Green Bay | Green Bay, WI

Health Promotion Conference

Will support (financially) students going to a worksite health promotion conference this year.

Daniel Bibeau – University of North Carolina | Greensboro, NC

Passing Along Teaching Tools

I plan to pass on a textbook from a course I’ve taught to a colleague at another university with my syllabus and teaching materials to get her started.

Regina McCoy – Department of Public Health Education, University of North Carolina | Greensboro, NC

Developing Further Projects

Sharing with colleagues in the field for developing further projects in Health Promotion and Education.

Carolina Garcia – MMM Holdings Inc | Moca, Puerto Rico

Forwarding to Colleagues

Forward to health & wellness colleagues.

Danielle Karvonen – University of Wisconsin-Superior | Superior, WI

Beginning a Non-Profit

We love the spirit of your offering and hope to begin a non-profit aspect of our company and have % of proceeds go to helping those less fortunate.

Michael and Deborah Arloski – Real Balance Global Wellness Services Inc. | Fort Collins, CO

Healthy Options for Employees

Many employees in my organization suffer from overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome, and may do some stress eating in the workplace. I am currently in the beginning stages of trying to increase healthy options in employee vending machines. I have started by using resources developed from a local wellness coalition Lighten Up Lancaster. This book will give me information to help implement this, and other employee, and client wellness initiatives.

Linnae Goda – Community Action Partnership | Lancaster, PA

Guiding Students

In my role as educator and academic adviser, I guide students in making career choice. I would love to introduce this resource to students who choose a concentration on Health Promotion and Work Site Wellness.

Serah Theuri – University of Southern Indiana Evansville, IN

Guiding Students

In my role as educator and academic adviser, I guide students in making career choice. I would love to introduce this resource to students who choose a concentration on Health Promotion and Work Site Wellness.

Serah Theuri – University of Southern | Indiana Evansville, IN

Sharing with Colleagues

I’ll share this PDF with my colleagues.

Whitney Bateson – Chartwells K12 | Washington, DC

Wellness Champions!

Share with Worksite Wellness Champions!

Sharon Sass – Arizona Department of Health Services | Phoenix, AZ

Grant Proposals

I will review two grant proposals for faculty outside my university at no cost.

Usha Menon – University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ

Mentoring Students

I will share this wonderful resource with students I mentor at The Ohio State University College of Public Health to further their knowledge of health and wellness.

Jessica Jolly – Louisiana Department of Health | New Orleans, LA


Will share with colleagues.

Terri Corsi – BCBSNC | Durham, NC

Sharing with Coaches

I will share this PDF with the 12 other Wellness Coaches with whom I work.

Christine Colt-Peinkofer – Goshen Health System | Goshen, IN

Workplace Wellness

I’ll help someone evaluate their workplace wellness initiative.

Tracy Gilsvik

Healthy Places

I hope to share this PDF with students in my “Healthy Places” class. I’ll also give my friends some flowers : )

Nancy Wells


I’m going to let my team members know what I appreciate about them specifically during our next meeting.

Desiree Veldez

Help for a Neighbor

Home maintenance help for a neighbor who recently lost spouse

Judy Reuter – Santa Ana Pueblo | Santa Ana Pueblo , NM

Working with Students

Working with students to help them become HP professionals

Jim Broadbear – Illinois State University | Normal, IL

Families in Need

Attend upcoming fundraiser to provide free food for families in need.

Mirna M. Flores – The NECHBF | Wilmington, MA

Book donation

Donate old textbooks to library or student.

Melinda Ickes – UK | Lexington, KY

Helping a co-worker

I plan to help out a school leader today and take her shift at lunch & recess so she can catch up on some things.

Sarah Coleman – Aurora Public Schools | Aurora, CO


Bring apples in for co-workers

Ashley Lund – UW-Stevens Point | Clintonville , WI


Mentor two MPH students in the spring

Andrea Lightfoot Bisson – Pima Community College | Tucson, AZ

Hurricane Relief

Donate significantly to the organizations helping with the hurricane relief.

Larry Tucker – Brigham Young University | Provo, UT


Volunteer at a nursing home

Wendy McLaughlin | Smyrna, GA


Bake Cookies for My Neighbors this Weekend

Heidi Strickland – Meritain Health | Herriman, UT


I will donate backpacks to back to school program at church

Sandra Seiferth | Cumming, GA

Free Sessions

Use my coaching skills to provide free sessions for those performing community service at the urban farm where I volunteer.

Melissa Ehrman – Functional Medicine Coaching Academy | Dallas, TX

Time Off

Giving staff half day off next Friday.

Nicole Morris – HMB | Easton, MD


Assisting young girls with accessing sports (soccer) by providing sponsorships.

Jennifer Han – OSDH | Oklahoma City, OK

Workouts for Kids

Running free community workouts for kids.

Mike Austin – Able Engineering | Mesa, AZ

School Supplies

I plan to volunteer to help pack school supplies for military children in our area next week.

Emily Mailey – Kansas State University | Manhattan, KS

At-risk Children

I will pay it forward by offering my time with local foundation teaching young children from at risk homes healthy habits.

Michelle Cardimen – A Step Away | Westfield, IN

Healthy Breakfast

I will be bringing in some Friday morning healthy breakfast treats for my staff

Lisa Sorani – EBMUD | Oakland, CA

Employee Wellness Program

Assisting a hospice organization to set-up a wellness program for their employees as a free service on my own time.

Brandy Huffman – Interactive Health | Fairmon, WV

Healthy Lunch

I shall purchase a healthy lunch for the customer after me

Chris Peralta – Emblemhealth | New York, NY


Donate to the Capital City Organ Tissue & Eye Donation Run/Walk

Barbara Smith – Cottingham & Butler, WI | Madison, WI

Design Health Promotion Programs

Help design personal and worksite health promotion programs

Vivian Arnold – MCHES | Candler, NC

Afternoon Off

Giving my hardworking staff asssoicate the afternoon off. I will take on the meetings he has scheduled so he can go the beach and enjoy this lovely sunshine.

Francine Montemurro – Boston University | Boston, MA

Charity Walk

I plan to hold a charity fun walk through my Wellness Program to help community members in need.

Penny Fahey – Fremont County Wellness Program | Lander, WY

Blessing Bags

I plan on passing out “blessing bags” to the homeless on my way home from work today.

Samantha Yocke – Novant Health Corporate Health | Winston Salem, NC

Thank You Cards

I plan to hand deliver a business a personalized thank you card from all members of an organization I am a part of for their assistance in collaborating on a project.

Kiersten Ellis – Local Clay Works | Tuscaloosa, AL

New Hire

Mentoring a new hire peer.

Susan Pease – Cigna | Alpharetta , GA

Food Bank Donation

MidOhio food bank donation support for healthy farm to table options

Roberta Carducci – OhioHealth | Columbus, OH

Group Fitness Class

I teach a workplace group fitness class. It will be free to employees who are struggling financially.

Nicki Lenhof – Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company | Fort Wayne, IN

Emotional Support

I make handmade cards and am sending them out to people who need emotional support.

Kelli Clay – Kelli Clay, Inc. | Peachtree Corners, GA

Student Trip

I plan to pay for a student’s trip to CA for an internship opportunity that will help propel her career after graduation.

Amanda Kashwer – St. Gregory’s University | Shawnee, GA


I’m going to surprise my family with treats this weekend!

Samantha Froimson – Ohio State University | Columbus, OH

Letters to Friends

I will pay it forward by writing letters to friends that I have not seen in a while.

Elise Damman – Drake University | Des Moines, IA

Thanksgiving Dinner

Providing Thanksgiving Dinner to family in need

Donna Redmond – BSN Medical | Delta, BC

Team Activity

Team activity of writing notes of gratitude to someone deserving

Amy Hebl – Olmsted County |


What a great idea! I am just getting ready to grab lunch and I am going to pay for the person’s lunch behind me!

Gayle Walter – University of Iowa | Iowa City , IA